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Change the Inner Desert

What a slog to change your inner scenery. For Christians, Lent can be a time for testing spiritual character.  I’m somewhere in between that and a second chance at a failed new year’s resolution. With change, a hopeful landscape blooms. I think of this time as a spiritual awakening to a stronger-and-improved you, which originates […]

Don’t get married on Valentine’s Day

I’ll never understand people who marry on Valentine’s Day. Years ago, my daughter wouldn’t listen because traipsing down a red carpet in white lace is a princess story in ultimate romance. But like Cinderella, it’s missing a shoe. Succeeding Valentine anniversaries limp along, loaded with hidden emotional and financial costs. This is fair warning against […]

Equal pay has spiritual aspects

Equal pay between men and women is a spiritual issue to Mamak Charepoo, a money coach, speaker and trainer in Quincy. In her Bahai’ Faith, a major tenet holds one element of a just society is the equality of men and women. As of 2016 women are paid only 79% in salary compared to their […]