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Suzette Martinez Standring Host and producer, “It’s All Write With Suzette”

Suzette Martinez Standring Host and producer, “It’s All Write With Suzette”


It’s All Write With Suzette

Have you ever wondered about the personal writing process of authors and columnists? Listen to guest writers tell all, not just about their latest works, but more telling, the behind-the-scenes highs and lows of creation. What kept them going, the hardest lessons learned, research, and insights into different forms of authorship: mystery writing, sports, biography, memoir, non-fiction, humor, inspirational books, and more.

Many episodes are uploaded onto youtube and Just search for Suzette Martinez Standring or “It’s All Write With Suzette”

Here are a few:

Award winning HALLIE EPHRON talks about Night Night, Sleep Tight, a mystery inspired by a real life Hollywood murder. Ephron also drew details from own Beverly Hills background growing up within a famous writing family.

Emmy Award winning sports anchor BOB HALLORAN wrote Impact Statement: A Family's Fight for Justice Against Whitey Bulger, Stephen Flemmi, and the FBI, about the murder of Debra Davis written from her family's viewpoint. He shares a fascinating look into the interview and research process.

BEN ROBERTSON wrote The Last Generation, an action packed story about a 17-year-old girl, Bridget Thorsdottir, set in the Eastern Colony of Norse Greenland in 1501. He shares insights into writing a young adult historical novel.

Sports writer Mike Vega of The Boston Globe gives writing advice to aspiring sportswriters. He talks about his encounters with Michael Oher of the Baltimore Ravens and the subject of the movie, “The Blind Side” starring Sandra Bullock.

Stamford Advocate (CT) columnist Jerry Zezima, author of “Leave it To Boomer,” gets serious (not!) about humor writing.

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