Suzette’s Cancer Journey

This diary covers June 8 – August 30, 2023 of high (and low) lights during my second go-round of lung cancer. It’s funny, self-revealing, and practical and due to so much prodding, I’m posting it on my blog. (This way you don’t have to hunt and peck for excerpts on my FB page.  — Suzette Martinez Standring June 8, 2023…

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My Black to Green Thumb

For years I prided myself on my Black Thumb, the inability to grow green things. There were benefits. It meant no fuss, water stains, and dead leaves. Then my unexpected Green Thumb, developed over the pandemic, filled my home with unexpected energy. Many of you already know this, so forgive my wide-eyed, toddler-type discovery. Plants are breathing, living beings. Morning…

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Suzette and her three husbands by Suzette Standring

Let’s get something out of the way.  I’m 68 and I have been married three times.  As they say, the third’s a charm. I am not embarrassed, although the wife of my first ex-husband did try.  At my daughter’s wedding, she loudly said, “I want a picture of Suzette and her three husbands!”   Since I was flying under the…

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Meditating with felons by Suzette Standring

When I taught a meditation class at a men’s state prison, one writing prompt was “my favorite room.” One inmate’s memory took our breath away.

Watercolors: What took me so long? (Unfounded fear)

What stops you from taking a watercolor class or anything else for which you’re convinced you are terrible? I once painted a trio of peonies and was told it looked like Mickey Mouse’s head. It took me years to pick up a brush again. But I have!