My Black to Green Thumb

Suzette Standring
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For years I prided myself on my Black Thumb, the inability to grow green things. There were benefits. It meant no fuss, water stains, and dead leaves. Then my unexpected Green Thumb, developed over the pandemic, filled my home with unexpected energy. Many of you already know this, so forgive my wide-eyed, toddler-type discovery. Plants are breathing, living beings. Morning upon morning, Ithey greet me with glossy foliage. I create a place for myself in the natural world. 

Plants are an antidote to technology. More and more we bow to machines aimed to make life easier. But maintaining material stuff sucks up time; fixing, the maintenance, updating.  But plants just grow, and the love they breathe back cleanses my air. I started with cactus and succulents, and then pothos and spider plants. Then I rescued sturdy survivors from the discount shelf at Home Depot.  Now I go from room to room, saying, “Hey, kids!  Who needs what today?”  And a little drink of water returns to me one hundred-fold.