Suzette enroute to Vietnam: 12 hour stopover in Hong Kong

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[Photo: The Cathay Pacific Airlines Lounge at Hong Kong airport]

Feb. 1-2, 2017:  I’ve just spent hours binging on movies and eating when I’m not even hungry.  Familiar home behavior except that I’m en route with David to Vietnam and Cambodia.  Are we desperate to escape a Boston winter or what?

At the Logan Airport, we waited five hours to board a delayed flight to Hong Kong.  Then we spent eighteen hours on the plane itself.  It was odd eating an inflight dinner at 5 a.m., Boston time.  After a fitful snooze I woke up in a darkened plane with NO idea of the time or even the day.  Does 18 hours on a plane and the international date line put me one or two days ahead?  I wish I’d paid attention in geography class.

David was fast asleep.  My smarty self said, “Suzette, pull out a book, or write something intelligent, or read the NY Times.”

My true self said, “Oh, boy! Movies galore!”

So somewhere above Southeast Asia, I watched The Accountant (really good!),  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Meh.) and War Dogs (so that explains military spending).

Now we’re here in Hong Kong on a 12-hour stopover until we leave tonight for Hanoi.  It would be unseemly to complain since David got us into the Cathay Pacific Airlines Lounge, where I’ve been snacking on dim sum, and drinking Schweppes Ginger Beer.

Bed hair, no makeup, sick of having to wear the same clothes for the next 15 hours until we board and finally land in Hanoi.

I have NEVER sat on my brains for as long as I am doing right now.  More to come..