Suzette Visits Boracay, The Philippines, 10/18/2019

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Our first full day in Boracay, and we will tour the island by boat.

The “White Beach” in front of our hotel, The Discovery Shores, is the most beautiful, long stretch of powder fine white sand I’ve ever seen, sand that is is so firm your feet don’t sink into it at all.

Off we go into a teeny tiny “tuk-tuk,” like a box on a motorcyle.  We ride down winding streets torn up and full of construction.  More about that later.

We get to “Station 1” where a number of outrigger boats are lined up. We wade out (for me, waist high), to climb aboard.   The three crewman are lean and deeply browned, and don’t talk much, but seem friendly and capable.









We are the only passengers. All aboard! We set out to an ocean spot crowded with other tourist boats and snorkelers everywhere. We stop, too, except I don’t swim and I hate anything on my face.

So I keep my life vest on and go swimming. Once I’m in the water it’s heaven.  Warm, serene, and I’m floating along in multi-hued-blue waters. 

Snorkeler David reports seeing three sea urchins but not much more. Well, if I were a sea creature, I’d scamper away, too, from the 50 swimmers looking for me, wouldn’t you?

We climb back in the boat after 20 minutes and glide to Poca Beach on the other side of Boracay.  Another gorgeous beach made up of white coral sand, and full of folks.  There’s even a group of 20 doing team buiding exercises. I walk along the shoreline and three hefty Russians lie on the sand letting the water wash over them. I join them.

It’s a really strong washover! The water was crashing so hard around me it literally pushed me higher onto the beach, but the Russians stayed put.

Through the swirling tide, I saw a really cool coral stick, and reached down but water slapped my hand as if to say, “Leave it be, tourist!”  So I did.

After 30 minutes, we returned to the boat.  Then we rode to Caticlan for lunch at Saigon Boy Restaurant.  For just the two of us, a feast:  salad, lumpia, grilled chicken, four rock crabs, grilled giant prawns, fried chicken, an entire fish, cut fruit, and rice for ten.

I ended up sneaking a huge platter of food to the crew. Burps all around!

A ride back to Station 1, and a quick tuk-tuk ride back to our hotel. Hours of sleep as I’m still getting over jet lag.

Tomorrow we have a free day and I’ll be in the ocean for most of it.  Bye for now!