In Turkey, we grieve the tragedy in Ankara

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David and I grieve for the victims and their families in the unspeakable tragedy in Ankara.  Why those rallying for peace were victims of twin bombings is bewildering and heartbreaking.  Here in Istanbul our Turkish guide, Cihan, arrived this morning, full of sorrow, preoccupied and worried.

Our day of tourism began on a mournful note.  However, it was a day spent exploring the long history of Turkey, and how a multitude of Anatolian cultures, struggles, and conquests trace back through the millennia.  It’s all here, ancient warring people, the Greeks, the Romans, but Turkey’s endurance and identity remain through the ages. In 1912 Mustafa Ataturk brought together diverse peoples to create independence and modern day Turkey through educational and social reform.

At the end of our day, Cihan said, “I don’t know why I feel better, but I do.”

Maybe it’s because perseverance and prevailing is a hallmark of Turkish history.

While here David and I join with countless others in Turkey and around the world who mourn those peace marchers senselessly slaughtered for their beliefs.