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Unicorn sighting: politician who loves journalists

Unicorn sighting: Imagine a former member of the U. S. House of Representatives who embraces the Fourth Estate and finds journalists vital.  Below is the kind of no-nonsense, straight talk from Lee Hamilton who now serves as Director of the Center on Congress at Indiana University.  His talk was aimed at columnists who attended the […]

Columnists in Indiana – What Suzette the Tourist Saw

Clearly, Hoosiers are a can-do people. Returning from the annual meeting of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists held in Indiana (June 25-28),  I feel rejuvenated with writing purpose.  Indianapolis itself is a warm and welcoming city, full of memorable sites, and I’m lucky I had a chance to visit. That’s the beauty of local […]

Writing about Controversy and Hot Button Issues

There are aspects aplenty to controversy. When tackling fifty shades of truth, being “gray” doesn’t grow a readership. Yet life is never black and white. Family. Politics. Feminism. Race. Religion. How best to take a decisive stand on polarizing topics? It’s not a writing formula, it’s a mindset, and the following columnists share theirs. Mary […]