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Until police tactics that license aggression and brutal handling are changed, there seems no end to the cycle of death-fear-retaliation-destruction on all sides. Until brave leaders emerge to overcome despair with forgiveness and real tools for effective change, there will be none. Violence only begets violence. As Baltimore battles chaos, consider the victims of rioting. […]

Bow-Wow Icebreakers

Pets have the power to render humans, well, more human. While dog walking and meeting others, I sense goodness on both ends of the leash. All my defenses go down, and that, my friend, is spiritual. After my 17-year-old dog Mojo died in July, I couldn’t handle a new dog right away. Yet little Ginger […]

Sex Slavery: American Teens

Women rent their bodies as a choice: a myth. Pornography is a harmless spectator sport: a lie. Both enable slavery, often with teenagers plucked from American neighborhoods. Sex trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry worldwide. That only marginalized women fall prey is another false assumption. “People think it’s just poor black girls. Pimps will […]

Dr. Henry C. Lee Shares His Life’s Purpose

I made stew for Dr. Henry Lee, the world famous forensic scientist. His 8,000 criminal investigations include O. J. Simpson, music producer Phil Specter, the reinvestigation of the JFK assassination, as well as examining atrocities in Bosnia, Croatia and the world over. I expected cool and distant. Instead he is like an uncle, telling jokes, […]

Chance Advice Was Eerie

When it comes to new goals, would advice be more meaningful if it seemingly fell from the sky? Eighteen of us felt that way about the random slip of paper we each picked out of a bag. Try this with your friends. There we were, eating shepherd’s pie and salad, about 11 adults swapping stories […]