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Yosemite – an eerie birthday gift

I opened the box, fresh from San Francisco, to see what my brother and sister-in-law had sent me for my birthday.  Organic barley tea and a painting done by Steve of a scene in Yosemite, which holds an eerie coincidence. In the painting, four deer graze in a meadow and drink deeply from glistening streams.  […]

Fitness slogans do not motivate me

I’ve gone to my fitness center once in the last six months.  Considering my monthly membership fee, my gym card is the most expensive photo ID I own.  I sit on the ab crunching machine, hoping to do 50, and the back of a muscle man’s tee-shirt catches my eye: GO BIG OR GO HOME […]

Suzette’s Comedy Debut – Boston Comedy Chicks – What happened

Watch my comedy debut: “So,”  you might ask, “how was your standup comedy debut?” Scary.  Exhilarating.  Strangely addictive.  On April 19, I performed with 11 other Boston Comedy  Chicks at Doyle’s Pub in Jamaica Plain, MA; my first time telling my funny carjacking story to a paying audience.  

When Stand up Comedy and Column Writing Meet

Life is an unexpected ride. I’m a columnist who presents writing workshops, maybe the occasional keynote.  But standup comedy? Terrifying! I am not that gal. Or am I? On a lark I did a Story Slam recently. The theme was “Believe it or Not” and in the five minutes allowed, I shared a funny version […]