God’s House Calls: A doctor speaks of medical improbabilities

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Have you ever had an experience that defied reason? In 1987 my mother was in a coma from a brain aneurysm. On the seventh night of her hospitalization, I dreamt my mother was drifting upwards through a wide tunnel toward angels set against blue skies.  In my dream, I thought, “Mom, are you saying goodbye?”  When she reached the top of the tunnel, the phone rang.  I sat bolt upright from a deep sleep and whispered to my husband, “I think my mom just died.” Indeed, it was the hospital calling. She had just passed away.

Now Jim Roach, M.D., a long time physician, shares such stories collected over the years from patients.  His book, God’s House Calls:  Finding God Through My Patients (RRP International Publishing, 2015, 245 pp.) affirms both comfort and rescue from a realm beyond physical understanding.

The pages of God’s House Calls are full of the improbable: impossible recoveries, prophetic dreams, visitations from deceased loved ones, angels, or even pets. Some survived near-death encounters, or heard divine warnings, or experienced miraculous rescue.

Dr. Roach does not attempt to explain the phenomena, but rather shares what was told to him. There are brief snippets by unnamed people, while others come forward with identities, details, and photos. Those expecting a “scientific” approach – names, dates, times, corroboration – may be disappointed.  Yet others may feel wonder and solace from a book by an accomplished physician. I’ve read books based on personal experiences, but never about encounters collected by a medical authority.

In his introduction, Dr. Roach writes, “As these stories are presented, their inclusion is not because I know for certain they are real or are always consistent with my reality.  They are included because my patients and friends found them to have personal spiritual significance.  Their lives were substantially impacted by these events, always in a positive way.”

His perspective gave me pause. The inexplicable in my own life is cause enough for marvel, but now I reflect on its impact.  Looking back at my dream about my mother, she was front-loading comfort and hope even before I even heard the devastating news of her death.

After decades of family practice in Kentucky, Dr. Roach is a leader at the Midway Center for Integrative Medicine, which takes a holistic approach toward health.  Dr. Roach does not believe in the modern trend of spending minutes with a patient to write a quick prescription. Rather, he combines Western medicine with alternative therapies to treat both the illness and the underlying conditions that can impede wellness, such as stress. He often spends 2-1/2 hours with a patient.  Time to develop a relationship with a patient within an environment of trust commonly is missing in current healthcare practices.

Overwhelming reports from his patients that God makes house calls compelled Dr. Roach to include stories of healing into his black bag to help others.  Available on Amazon.

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