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Get Educated: Fake News Sites

(Photo from Do I have to “Snopes” every shocking headline nowadays? For readers many fake news sites look legit, just like those taken down by Google:, as well as parasitic domain-named sites such as and  However, news hoaxes will reappear in other forms fueled by ad networks hungry for eyeballs. While […]

Give a Written Gift as a Memory

(Photo of Suzette Standring with granddaughters Lulu and Bella Baylon, Thanksgiving 2016) At Thanksgiving, both love and gratitude are the centerpieces of the holiday.  They go hand-in-hand, like turkey and stuffing. Right around the corner is the giving season.  Why not use feelings of love and gratitude to recall family memories?  Then write them down. […]

Healing Veterans in Nature: House in the Woods

[Photo from – House In the Woods in Lee, Maine] All veterans were prepared for the ultimate sacrifice. They grieve for comrades lost, and too often, endure lifelong hauntings through PTSD. They endure disabilities and emotional scars. For all veterans, Paul and Dee House, along with Bill and Quie Emery, created a refuge amidst the […]