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(Photo above is of Maureen Hancock, spiritual medium)

Life goes black when a child dies.  Gail and Jeremy Hunter, ages 64, lost two adult children in 2006 and 2009 accidents. Many would say their Anjuli and Drew live on in spirit.  Of this, their parents are certain because of messages through a medium.  “My husband thought I was nuts, but I was open. I don’t want people thinking I’m weird, but if one person can find solace from my story, then it’s worth it,” said Gail Hunter, a pre-school teacher in Marshfield since 1992.

In 2006, their 23-year-old daughter Anjuli and her boyfriend drove to Maine on a snowboarding trip. In a collision caused by black ice, Anjuli was killed instantly.  “Her life was filled with every possible joy at the time,” said her mother.

The next year the Hunters met with Maureen Hancock, a South Shore spirit communicator who also works with the police in finding missing persons.  When Jeremy Hunter struggled with skepticism, the medium stated his father had drowned in an accident. His stepfather was alive, so Hunter denied it.  Then he realized she was talking about his biological father.  A test pilot for the British Royal Navy, his father drowned when his plane crashed into the ocean in 1954 when Hunter was 18 months old. Gail Hunter said, “She couldn’t have possibly known.”

Then specifics were shared about Anjuli, such as the ten matching lockets her daughter’s friends wear in her memory.  “She showed us things that touched our hearts and made us believe,” her mother said.

Anjuli’s messages of peace and constant presence in their lives felt genuine to Mrs. Hunter, “It opened my heart to believe that life never dies, it takes another form and love continues.  The corporeal body isn’t here anymore, but the essence and spirit of who you are is still there.”

Three years later in 2009 their son, Drew, age 29, drowned while kayaking in Colorado. After his death, she would wake up at odd hours and smell coffee, something her husband did not experience.  During vacation in London it would happen in their room several times. Later during a consultation, a medium blurted out, “Mom, I make you smell the coffee.”  His mother felt the message was for her to stop questioning and to believe her son’s soul continues to exist in peace.

This is what the Hunters have learned through spirit communication.  Just as precious as the reassurance that loved ones are still present, is the encouragement from them to move through grief. Do not close up against life and love. Banish self-doubt and guilt. Those who have passed want to see you live with joy in the present for their sakes.

The Hunters believe their children exist in spirit, though it defies logical understanding. Yet messages of love and hope are healing.  “The heart knows, but the head struggles,” she said.

This column appeared nationally through GateHouse Media on 7/19 and The Patriot Ledger on  7/23/2016


  1. This is a beautiful story of both healing and the afterlife that I’m sure will help many. Thoughts and prayers to the Hunter family for their losses and their strength 💖