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The Dog Master: An Inspired Read

Back in Paleolithic times, humans befriended wolves, and thus, developed canine companionship.  W. Bruce Cameron, New York Times best-selling author, imagines that first, eons-old encounter in his new book, The Dog Master, which I rank a 5-star page turner. The distrust and fear between human and wolf are pitted against their shared desperation for survival.  […]

Writing to Heal Abuse Works

After neglect, sexual and physical abuse, wholeness is possible. Christine “Cissy” White of Weymouth has transformed fear and secrecy into a vibrant love of self and others. The act of writing aided her triumph. An activist for other survivors, she founded Heal Write Now, which shares recovery from the inside out through writing. Writing to […]

God’s House Calls: A doctor speaks of medical improbabilities

Have you ever had an experience that defied reason? In 1987 my mother was in a coma from a brain aneurysm. On the seventh night of her hospitalization, I dreamt my mother was drifting upwards through a wide tunnel toward angels set against blue skies.  In my dream, I thought, “Mom, are you saying goodbye?”  […]

Turning 61: unplugged and present

On the beach 10-year-old Bella forms an “arena” in the sand.  Lulu, age 7, runs over with a yellow pail of crabs. The two largest gladiators are placed on their backs in the arena, and I’m told,  “The first one to turn over, wins.  Go!”  Claws scrambling, a sudden winner, shrieks and laughter from my […]

Sat. August 22 – Escape to the Cape 2, writing workshop

Adventurous writers!  I’m doing a second Cape Cod Writing Workshop on August 22. Enjoy a rare writing workshop where meditative recall will be used to mine memories for long forgotten sights, sounds and sensations to enliven one’s written stories. Saturday, August 22, 2015 Escape to the Cape Writing Workshop Using Hypnotic Recall to Create Spellbinding […]