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Reassurance from a medium

(Photo above is of Maureen Hancock, spiritual medium) Life goes black when a child dies.  Gail and Jeremy Hunter, ages 64, lost two adult children in 2006 and 2009 accidents. Many would say their Anjuli and Drew live on in spirit.  Of this, their parents are certain because of messages through a medium.  “My husband […]

Prayer is spiritual valium

It’s not death.  It’s not dismemberment, but it was black despair when I lost my website. No access, lost files. I thought that email from my provider was an ad, not a renewal notice! Now my website went poof! No crimes involved, just felony stupidity on my part. Being a technosaur, I believed the guy […]

Orlando Shootings: Overcome retaliation

After the killing of 49 innocent people dancing in an Orlando nightclub, my heart shrunk with despair.  The familiarity of mass murder is paralyzing because hate cannot be legislated away when such a killer believes his murderous rage is righteous.  How do I battle my own gut reaction toward retaliation? The Washington Post reported 29-year-old […]