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Fitness slogans do not motivate me

I’ve gone to my fitness center once in the last six months.  Considering my monthly membership fee, my gym card is the most expensive photo ID I own.  I sit on the ab crunching machine, hoping to do 50, and the back of a muscle man’s tee-shirt catches my eye: GO BIG OR GO HOME […]

Charleston Shootings: The Darkness Will Not Overcome

Holding on to Jesus Christ in the darkest of hours is the bond among families whose loved ones were gunned down during a Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17. Many unfamiliar with the Bible may think it archaic.  Yet in the unspeakable tragedy of the Charleston […]

Writing about Controversy and Hot Button Issues

There are aspects aplenty to controversy. When tackling fifty shades of truth, being “gray” doesn’t grow a readership. Yet life is never black and white. Family. Politics. Feminism. Race. Religion. How best to take a decisive stand on polarizing topics? It’s not a writing formula, it’s a mindset, and the following columnists share theirs. Mary […]

Calling All Absent Fathers!

Father’s Day.  For those with loving fathers, it’s a time of gratitude.  For others who don’t know their dads, it hurts. A single mom told me, “I’ll never get married. I’d rather raise my kids alone.  I don’t need some man making my life miserable.” I said, “Maybe you feel that way because you’ve never […]

Spirit Message at a Sandwich Shop

Today I gave a young man a spirit message from his dead mother.  I know, weird.  I’m not a small medium at large. I’m not a psychic.  It just happened. There I was, waiting for my sandwich-soup combo, and the 20-something-year-old behind the counter was about to hand me my food.  Then he paused and […]