Message from Mother Mary: Thought provoking and reassuring

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Suzette here.  I’ve been attending different meditation circles, and one woman said that she received a message from Mother Mary.  Whether you believe the vision is real or not is not the point.  The message itself is profound and thought provoking.  When I asked permission to share it, the woman was afraid of hateful feedback.  I shared with her my own profound experience when I visited Mother Mary’s home in Ephesus Turkey.  She then gave me permission if I didn’t identify her. You either feel the relevancy of the message or you don’t.  Here it is as she sent it to me.  If the spirit moves you, please share! And now the message itself: 
Be Still and Know that I Am GOD
I am ________. I am not a practicing psychic, but there are times when I receive inspiring meaningful messages from the Divine when it is most needed.  The following experiences occurred while our entire human race is struggling with the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I am grateful to be a humble channel of Love at this time.
At 2:00 a.m. in the early morning on April 14, 2020, I woke and could not sleep. As I sat on the side of the bed, I felt a shift in consciousness occurring throughout the atmosphere and through my body. Experiencing this shift was in preparation for the message I received later that day.
As I was caring for my horses pushing the wheelbarrow outside the barn, I felt the sunshine on my face.  I stopped to lean on the wheelbarrow as I realized the sunshine was actually radiating inside my body and raising my state of consciousness to a point of receiving.  I recited the prayer, “Be Still and Know that I Am God.” 
The Blessed Mother Mary then appeared to me to speak about the COVID 19 virus.  She showed me that this virus is facilitating a shift in consciousness that is needed on the Earth right now.  She said this could have come in the form of another devastating World War but instead has come as this virus.  She said the virus is actually less destructive to the Earth as a whole than a nuclear world war would have been.  This virus is causing the shift in human consciousness to take place in a more gradual manner.  A World War would have caused much more pain and sorrow not only to the human race but to all other life forms on Earth.  She asked that we hold steady through all of this.  Mary then stated that when those who die from the virus cross over, they are met by light workers on the other side.  She said, “Their Transition to the Spirit World is Glorious!”
I asked her about our stressful political climate in America right now, and she said not to be overly concerned about this as it is beyond our immediate control.  She said, “This is not yours to fix and this will take care of itself.”  Mary showed me her face and the blue mantle over her head as she embraces the Earth and each one of us in her everlasting Love.  She then said, “What better place to meet you than the barn!”  
Mary further explained this shift in consciousness will include moving from greed and selfishness to humility and respect for all life.  This will include a renewed love for one another and our beloved animals and Planet Earth.  Everyone and everything will be affected.  We are to remember we were born for this time and be grateful for the positive outcomes that will ultimately take place.  Greed and selfishness has risen to the surface to be identified and then purified and transformed.  The virus has affected (infected) leadership and the outcome will be for the better of all.  
I was reminded, whenever we feel uncertain during these times, recite the prayer, “Be Still and Know that I Am God.”  We are all in this together.  Blessings to each one of you reading this and to all that lives on Earth and throughout our Entire Universe. — End of Message